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Mariner Licence Prep

  • Client : Alex
  • Date : 2018
  • Skills : Android, Kotlin

This iOS/Android application is created to assist the students in their preparation for the USCG Mariner License exam. The exam is obligatory to be a mariner, so the original app creators wanted to make a tool to help in the preparation process. “Marinerapp” is the self-study mobile application that contains all up-to-date questions directly released from the U.S. Coast Guard for both DECK and ENGINE. Its features and UI/UX design are purposefully made simple so that students can easily understand the concept of the app and focus on the work. With the options to choose the lessons to go over, shuffle multiple-answer questions, see answers, bookmark the questions to revisit, the students are set to deepen their knowledge and fully prepare themselves for the exam.

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